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 Best Topic Of This Forum (anti flood rooms)

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PostSubject: Best Topic Of This Forum (anti flood rooms)   Thu Mar 21, 2013 6:13 pm

Starting from 12/03/2013 , all chat rooms admins and
owners can use the
newly released
commands to do various
things regarding room
management. You can see the
available commands by
send /help in the room chat. But here’s an easier
explanation of each
commands: /mod: Makes the target user a moderator in the
room (Can only kick and
mute users). Example: / mod -sheeshnag- /kick: Kicks the target user out of the room. Example: /kick -sheeshnag- /invite: Invites someone from your list to the
room (Note: the user
must be in your list). Example: /invite -sheeshnag- /mute: Makes the target user a visitor (visitors
can’t post messages in
the room). Example: / mute -sheeshnag- /who: Display the profile of the target user, like
SpyBot does. Example: /who -sheeshnag- /msg: Sends a room private message to the
target user. Example: / msg -sheeshnag- Hey dj h r u ? /ban: Bans the target user from room. Example: /ban -sheeshnag- And those are the
subcommands: a – all users in
room c – number of
banned ids r – remove user
from ban list f – block all the IDs
that come from the
IP address of the
user How to use them: /ban a: Bans all current users in the room,
except owners, admins
and members. /mod a: Makes all the current users
moderators. /kick a: Kicks all the current users. /ban r: Unban the target user. Example: /ban r -sheeshnag- /ban c: Displays the number of banned IDs in
the ban list. /ban f: block all the IDs that come from the IP
address of the target
user. Example: /ban f -sheeshnag- And that’s all I guess.
The most useful
command is /ban f-sheeshnag- , it will basically stop all the flood IDs
from coming to the
room, without even
being in the ban list, the
only down side is that
you can’t “undo” the block. Note: The ID must be in the room to make the command work. Is it the end of flood?

enjoy friend anti flood rooms from now sheeshnag@nimbuzz.com

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Best Topic Of This Forum (anti flood rooms)
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